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Given increasing impact of global warming, the earth is now engaged in an enthusiasm of carbon neutrality.

For pursuing sustainable development, the Executive Yuan, in June 2008, passed the「Sustainable Energy Policy Outline」. It stipulated that, starting from that moment, policy maker and planner shall consider the concept of “Carbon Neutrality”.

Firstly, Carbon footprint quantity should be examined, and then efforts should be made to decrease it, so that carbon neutralization target could be achieved.

The purpose of establishing the website

Due to the fact that there is a lack of standard for the process and procedure of carbon neutrality among international communities, most cases of carbon neutrality are self-proclaimed and are limited in positive environmental effects.

Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration (Taiwan EPA) followed the trend of carbon neutrality, and has made an in-depth research of a standard announced by the British Standard Institution (BSI), PAS 2060(Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality). The standard afforded Taiwan EPA comprehensive knowledge about carbon neutrality at individual level, institutional level and national level. Based on the standard, we could edit domestic carbon neutrality guide, Implementation and Declaration of Carbon Neutrality.

This platform, as a manage system of carbon neutrality cases, is responsible for auditing the registration and application for carbon neutral activities and declaring the related news and results. The platform also establishes an evaluation for CFM Plan's standard and mechanism. Acceptable types of carbon offset credit in the platform are CDM and CER, the quota for carbon decrease as set forth by earlier exchange projects, foreign self-initiated carbon decrease projects of better quality such as VCS and Gold Standard.